About Eric Jacobson

"... Jacobson's buttery tone speaks and haunts...Like Roy Hargrove and Tom Harrell, Jacobson is a 'toucher' and not 'pusher' of unnecessary technique or pre-planned patterns." All About Jazz 

“Eric is the real deal! A truly world class jazz trumpeter...strong, assured technique, a hip dark sound on the trumpet, and expressive without gimmicks.”

Eric Jacobson is an accomplished jazz trumpeter known for his soulful playing and creative musical expression. With a passion for blending traditional jazz elements with contemporary styles, Eric has established himself as a versatile and dynamic musician in the jazz scene. He has collaborated with numerous renowned artists and ensembles, showcasing his distinct sound and innovative approach to music. Eric's performances resonate with audiences, captivating listeners with his expressive and emotive playing. His commitment to pushing boundaries and creating engaging musical experiences solidifies his reputation as a standout talent in the jazz world. 


Treating the instruction of jazz with the same zeal as playing it, Eric imparts his wisdom at various distinguished institutions. His teaching roles include affiliations with the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, MYSO Jazz Studies, and the Milwaukee Jazz Institute. He has also traveled as a Music Teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools and maintains his kinship as a member of the Jazz Education Network. Eric has presented countless jazz workshops at colleges and high schools throughout the United States. 

Eric Jacobson's music studio has been thriving for over 25 years, nurturing numerous talented students under his experienced mentorship. This dedication to music and education was recognized by the Milwaukee Civic Music in 2022 when they bestowed upon him the Certificate of Excellence in Studio Music Instruction.