Private Studio Lessons

"Eric is the real deal! - a truly world class jazz trumpeter with a gift to inspire, motivate and teach students of all ages with dramatic results. By sharing his own passion for the music with his students, he instills that "fire in the belly" that forms great musicians; and in instilling a love of practice and a robust work ethic, he equips his students with the tools to excel for a lifetime. Most important, he provides a compelling example of excellence for his students by his own brilliant playing.

Brian Lynch - Two time Grammy© Award Winning Trumpeter


Former Students
Jan Hora - Eau Claire University Music Major 
Cody Longreen - Eau Claire University Music Major
Brett McCormick - Eau Claire University Music Major
Joey Nieman - Eau Claire University Music Minor
Travis Drow - UW-Madison
Lenard Simpson - Northern Illionis Music Major 
Alec Aldred - University of Miami Music Major 


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Studio Room

Studio Room

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Trumpet Studio Info

  • The Eric Jacobson Trumpet Studio teaches all Ages/Abilities/Styles.
  • Lessons will focus on technique/sight-reading/scales/theory.
  • Lessons are 30mins or 60mins Weekly. Bi-weekly lessons are offered as 60mins
  • The Studio is convienantly located in Wauwatosa near Hwy 100/North Ave/Hwy 45. Studio has a waiting room next to studio
  • Books that I Incorporate  : The Arbans, H.L. Clarke Studies. Colin, Schlossburg.
  • Students will have assignments each week and will be expected to practice daily!

30min lessons = $25
60min lessons = $50

Bi-weekly lessons available and Sykpe lessons available 

Lessons are to be paid by the month. Makeups are available