new jazz method book

Jazz Patterns: A Systematic 

Approach to True Internalization 

by Eric Jacobson 

I have enjoyed devoting many years of my life to studying, practicing, performing, and teaching jazz improvisation. In that time, I have identified and put into practice a number of key concepts that have helped me to grow as an improvisor. This book is a systematic training tool that is based on one of those essential concepts. Working through this book will help you become a better improvisor.

In order to become a high-caliber jazz musician, one with the confidence and freedom to improvise spontaneously in the moment, you need to train with this same kind of intensity and focus. In addition to practicing your instrument, it is extremely important that you devote time to memorization, transposition, and ear training.

For Treble and Bass Clef


"Eric is the real deal! - a truly world class jazz trumpeter with a gift to inspire, motivate and teach students of all ages with dramatic results. By sharing his own passion for the music with his students, he instills that "fire in the belly" that forms great musicians; and in instilling a love of practice and a robust work ethic, he equips his students with the tools to excel for a lifetime. Most important, he provides a compelling example of excellence for his students by his own brilliant playing."

— Brian Lynch - Two time Grammy© Award Winning Trumpeter